The Power of Music

by Kathy on February 11, 2014

Have you ever been in a bad mood and turned on your favorite tunes, only to be transformed to a more joyous state? Since the beginning of time, music has had the power to uplift the soul and bring happiness in a unique manner.

Alternatively, music can bring on feelings of anger, fear, and sadness. In fact I remember many years back during a very dark time of my life when I was going through a painful divorce. One of my favorite CDs contained several heart-wrenching “breakup” songs. Don’t ask me why, but I just loved cruising down the highway with that CD blaring; singing along at the top of my lungs with tears in my eyes. Twenty plus years later, every time I hear one of those songs I flash back to those days in my little red Fiero, singing and crying my eyes out – and I can feel the pain all over again.

Yes, the power of music is amazing! It has influenced generations, represented beliefs, and helped to mold impressionable minds. In our quest to become more and more enlightened and find greater peace in our lives, it’s important that we pay attention to what we’re watching, saying, and listening to. Remember….everything we allow into our lives has the ability to influence our hearts and souls.

Over the last few years, my life and the lives of my family have been transformed through a totally new and deeper understanding of God’s grace and presence in everything that we are and do. We’ve been blessed with truths that had never been shared with us, and moved out of religion and into spirituality and relationship with God. What’s that have to do with the power of music? Again, that which we allow into our lives affects our hearts. Music is an incredible tool that can be used to not bring us closer to God (because He is always with us…), but to help us feel the connection and praise Him.

I believe in a God of love, who wants us to experience lives without limits; a God who wants to see His children break out of bondage. There are many religions that keep their members shackled by teaching them that they will only be worthy if they (fill in the blanks here…..). And there is a boatload of Worship Music that promotes those beliefs.

Fortunately, there are churches – and Christian music artists – that preach and sing of God’s grace and love. Their sermons and lyrics help to uplift, enlighten, and worship. I’ve been blessed to know one such worship singer, Joanna Beasley. At the age of 16, Joanna was a finalist on American Idol; and she has devoted her incredible talents to sharing God’s love and grace with the world. She’s a beautiful young woman who radiates with a joy and peace that are infectious.

I invite you to check out Joanna’s new video release, Rooftops. If you like what you see (and I promise you will….) please support her in any way you can – share her YouTube link on your Faceboook page, comment on her video, or make a purchase on her site. Be sure to connect with her personally; details at - you’ll be happy you did!

I urge you to remember to make the power of music work for you in your life, bringing you to a place of greater inner peace and joy!


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